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    The computer program, NAVIANCE Family Connection enables us to offer a comprehensive website that you and your child can use to help in making decisio-nsabout colleges and careers. You will be able to research colleges, compare GPA, SAT scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from DIS for stude-nts who have applied and been admitted in the past. You will also be able to sign up for college visits. Printed Materials may be helpful during your research ofd college and career guides.

  • NAVIANCE and Student Success Plans

    Daegu International School utilizes Family Connection from Naviance, a web-based service designed especially for students and parents to organize and docu-ment many of the tasks related to Student Success Plans. Naviance is a comprehensive web site that you can use to help in making decisions about colleges a-nd careers. We use Naviance to track and analyze data about our students’ college and career plans. Naviance will allow students to : Get involved in the planning and advising process - Build a resume, complete on-line surveys, and manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions ab-out colleges and careers. Research colleges - Compare GPA, standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from students who have already applied from our h-igh school. Sign up for college visits - Find out which colleges are visiting our school and sign up to attend those sessions.

  • Activate Your Account

    Go to https:// www.powerschool.com / daeguis and use your personalized registration code to login. Register your Naviance account as a new user. You willneed to create a password and provide an email address. If you have already registered, you can skip this step. For returning users, the email address andpassword you provided during registration will be used to sign into your account. If you are a parent who has more than one child in either middle school or highschool, you can get help from your child’s school counselor to link the accounts to one parent username.

    Colleges Tab Grades 9-12My Colleges = Colleges I’m Thinking About, Colleges I’m Applying To(High School) College Research = SuperMatch, College Lookup, College Search, College Resources Scholarships & Money = Scholarship List, Financial Aid
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    My Planner Grades 9-12An online planner allows students to map individualized actionplans towards their academic, personal, & career goals.A collaboration tool, allowing students and school staff to worktogether in raising accountability, increasing expectations, andaligning student’s goals and interests.Click the My Planner tab. Click on Goals, To-Do lists and Tasksassigned to me.